Can you escape in 60 minutes?


Can you find the real culprit?


This is a self-designed room - based on:


  • Multi-room, Non-linear escape room
  • Real mixture of puzzles to test all
  • Room can be altered for:
    • various difficulty levels;
    • numbers of players;
    • children's parties!



Well everyone of course! There are no tunnels or jumps or similar so no obstacles.


As the difficulty can be changed (please give us prior notice if you want anything aside from the standard - it is set at medium level, so can be made more difficult or easier from there), anyone can play. We have had some impressive times from beginners, through to poor times from experienced players.




For those who have played my rooms before, you will know I like to push the boundaries, and design new ideas.

Who wants to play the same sort of rooms everywhere you go? You want new tests, new thought processes, new surroundings and new puzzle designs!


The Gaol offers some unique ideas and plays on concepts some teams think they already know - oh how wrong they can be. There are various comments on escape rooms and why they are enjoyable, but the fact they make you think differently is something I play on the most.


Some puzzles look easy but require a little more thought.

Others look hard but are in fact the simplest of processes.

Then of course we have the finding, the searching and the physical attributes of the room.

Lastly, there is a hilarious and fun final communication game!



Let's see how you cope with being sent to gaol for a crime you did not commit.


Can you find the culprit to escape?

The Story behind the room


You have been arrested for hacking. A crime you did not commit!


You must break in to the Warden's office and find the real culprit in order to Escape.


Will you succeed in time?





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