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Can you escape in 60 minutes?

The rooms are added to for children

If you read the ABOUT CRYPTX page, you will see that I started playing Escape Rooms with my family, and how much I encourage children to play rooms. Unless they are scary (mine aren't) or have unsuitable themes (personal opinion) then there is no reason why children can't play rooms - even on their own!


The 'normal' thought process would be that I make puzzles simpler, or take out lots of things from a room - in fact the opposite is true. All escape rooms have 'signposts' - the clues or nudges that indicate what the puzzle is, or where it goes, or what it does. So for children we add 'signposts' to join the thought processes closer together, to essentially ensure they can still do the same puzzles as the normal room set-up, but a little quicker in order to get through all the puzzles in the room.


There are CCTV cameras in the rooms, and microphones too. So the Gamesmaster can see and hear everything. Indeed normally we can allow parents or adults to watch in reception with us (and listen depending on other bookings).


As per below boxes, there are specific considerations for children playing escape rooms, but never forget the most important - having FUN!

Can they play alone?


I would recommend an adult in the room to supervise, however it is your decision. We can see / hear everything so the reason is one of supervision for the puzzles only.





Age Advice


For the School of Hard Locks I recommend age 10 +.


For the Jewellery Heist I recommend 13 +.





Same 60 minutes?


We allow all teams up to 70 minutes as a norm anyway. In our experience children to tend to take the full 70 minutes.


The success rate in 70 minutes is around 90%.





This is the most important thing. It's funny, fun is sometimes seen as a dirty word. Why do something? Well, just for FUN, should be a perfectly reasonable and acceptable answer.


There can be too many activities with ulterior motives (yes, like above). But be warned - escape rooms are fun and addictive as much as anything else!



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