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Something for the whole family

If you read the ABOUT CRYPTX page, you will see that I started playing Escape Rooms with my family. Click here to read.

Enjoying events and doing things with the children can be difficult, especially if there is an age difference with the kids themselves.


Escape Rooms do allow for the whole family to enjoy. Some rooms, for various reasons, have minimum age requirements. I will never do that. As someone who has had kids and had the problems, I actively encourage everyone coming along. Indeed as stated elsewhere a favourite team is those with many generations of family playing!


I can, if requested, vary room difficult if you think it relevant. However all my rooms have and will have differing elements. I used to have a deal with my children - they would find everything, and I would do the coding. It worked well! I wasn't allowed to find anything!


As per below boxes, there are specific advantages for families of playing escape rooms, but never forget the most important - having FUN!



Who needs communication in a family?


This isn't a boot camp or a training course, but talking is always good, right?



Working on Problems Together


If you're family is anything like mine, there more working on problems (over shouting) the better!







Isn't it nice to achieve things and be successful as a family? Parents perhaps do so at work, and kids at school. Few team sports would be family based, so success in an escape room, as a family is lovely.


Let the arguing start afterwards as to who was best!





This is the most important thing. It's funny, fun is sometimes seen as a dirty word. Why do something? Well, just for FUN, should be a perfectly reasonable and acceptable answer.


There can be too many activities with ulterior motives (yes, like above). But be warned - escape rooms are fun and addictive as a family as much as anything else!



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