for Hens & Stags


Team based challenge


Can you escape in 60 minutes?

The perfect event for Hens & Stags

Escape Rooms are the perfect event for Hens and Stags.


It gets everyone together and having a laugh, even when they don't know each other.

If they do know each other - even better!


Is it for the first place to all meet and get together before the frivolities begin?

Is it for the morning after event?

Or why sit around the hotel waiting for the evenings drinks when you could all go out and have a laugh trying to Escape a Room?


Most importantly, it's FUN!


Hens and stags are genuinely some of my favourite players!

                   I've had one guy in a team sit on a sofa for 60 minutes as he'd had rather a heavy night the night before!

                   I've had several (sorry but true) Hen parties who have had several drinks and turned every puzzle, clue and game into a song!  And that was in the (dry) Pub!


Arguably most important - if you wish to "bring your own" drinks then that is perfectly acceptable.



(please enter as per below or call to make a booking - 01223 751 344)

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