Can you escape in 60 minutes?

How much can you steal?

Can you crack the Illuminati Codes to find their secret?

This is a brand new self-designed room - based on:


  • Value of goods stolen
  • Multi-level within itself
  • Kids Corner
  • And Special Illuminati Element too



That's the beauty of this room, you play it as you want.


So no matter if you are a beginner at Escape Rooms, experienced players, or even an expert who travels the country and world, you play the game the way you want to!


Beginners - Escape the room and steal the jewellery you can!

Experienced players - Escape the room and steal the jewellery you can! Can you work on the Illuminati codes too?

Experts - Escape the room, steal the jewellery, and find the Illimunati Treasure?



Due to the multi-mission nature, and the volume of puzzles, we recommend 4 people +. That is not to prevent 2 or 3 players at all, it is (as with the whole room) your choice!


For those who have played my rooms before, you will know I like to push the boundaries, and design new ideas.

Who wants to play the same sort of rooms everywhere you go? You want new tests, new thought processes, new surroundings.

So here we are - the new concept Escape Room, where you have to decide what game, and how to play, as well as play the room itself.


The Jewellery Heist consists of:


- A "normal" Escape Room. You will have to escape the locked room. 60 minutes is ideal, but up to 70 minutes...

- The rare success based on value of stolen goods (rather than time). BUT, once past 60 minutes, paying the CID 10% of your stash per minute will hurt! Yes, you've got it, 70 minutes and you'll end up with nothing for your efforts (assuming you've even escaped)

- Within the room the jewellery will be locked away behind puzzles and codes of differing levels of difficulty (indicated if you know where to look). This means no matter if you are beginners, experienced players, or experts, you can have the game you want!

- Kids Corner. I always played rooms with my children (9, 12 and 15 when we started). I don't like to exclude them, no matter how young. So as with the more generous and welcoming shops there will be a 'kids corner', where children can play. But these are no ordinary games, they lead to clues, codes and keys for their own jewellery too! Age range of puzzles in this area - 4 to 12. Above that, they can join the "adults" on their quests.


- The Illuminati. So the story goes - the owner of Knapwell Jewellery Stores is involved in some clandestine meetings and the appearance of strange gents ensures the staff are asked to leave and the shop shut! His involvement in the secret society seems likely, but what is he hiding? and where? If you can find that, and steal jewellery, and escape - you really will be competing for the title in this room!

The Story behind the room


I, Reginald Walpole-Harrington, managed to work my way into the confidence and resulting employment at the exclusive and impressive Knapwell Jewellery store. It was always a ruse, a way of examining the merits of stealing the expensive jewels therein. In fact, I've got even more lucky, but more on that later.

I've been tasked to organise a little staff away day, which I'll conveniently do when you've organised your troops.

All you need to do is turn up with your group and I'll have done the rest! This is the one we've been waiting for - a real haul to set us up for life. If you agree, I'll send you more details - just let me know when you can make it. Oh, and make sure you bring the details with you - no use not knowing the score!


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