That's the beauty of this room, it's a traditional escape room but even the most experienced won't be out too soon!


So no matter if you are a beginner at Escape Rooms, experienced players, or even an expert who travels the country and world, you'll be in there at least 45 minutes, but likely longer!


Beginners - Escape the room as quick as possible! A traditional Escape Room.

Experienced players - Escape the room quickly, and loop back to find some confiscated items.

Experts - Escape the room, but can you complete the loop? Will you find all the confiscated items the teacher has locked away???


For those who have played my rooms before, you will know I like to push the boundaries, and design new ideas.

Who wants to play the same sort of rooms everywhere you go? You want new tests, new thought processes, new surroundings.

So here we are - gamey as well as cerebral. A mixture of ideas, and a game you'll be in for at least 46 minutes, but likely the full 60 minutes.


The School of Hard Knocks consists of:


- A "normal" Escape Room. You will have to escape the locked School. 60 minutes is ideal, but up to 70 minutes...

- The success based on time AND confiscated items (if you got that far!)

- When the teacher leaves you to your own devices in detention what will you do? Spend an hour doing homework, or try to escape as quickly as possible?

- Kids are more than welcome. Maybe they spend their life in detention already??? Veritable experts at this no doubt! The design of the room is to include everyone! Puzzles adults find hard are often solved easier by children, and vice-versa. Most definitely learnt that from the Gaol and the Jewellery Heist! How to confuse adults? Allow them to over-think easy puzzles. Or put in a remote controlled car maybe???


CryptX is the trading name of Langosta Ltd.

Company Number 8522273




The School of Hard Locks


Can you escape before the teacher comes back in 60 minutes?


Will you have time to find the confiscated items as well???


01223 926 533


This is a brand new self-designed room - based on:


A "loop" system. Escape before 45 minutes allows you the opportunity to find the confiscated items!